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Postural Dysfunction
Rehabilitation Post Surgeries
Rotator Cuff Strain or Injury
Running Injuries
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Sports Injuries
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury



Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen

Back and Neck pain
Bicipital Tendonitis 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Foot, Ankle, Knee Pain 
Hip Flexor Strain 

Hip Pain



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Iliotibial Band (IT Band Syndrome)
Knee Pain
Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer’s Elbow)
Overuse Syndromes
Patellar Dysfunctions
Piriformis Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis.

An example of therapeutic exercise:


Your car gets a tune up every so many miles.  So should you.  As humans, we are constantly moving.  Unfortunately many of us move in ways that create pain for our bodies.  Learning to move properly, whether it be at work, at home or at play is essential for maintaining our body's range of movement and staving off pain and injury down the road.  

Below are some of the ways in which we can help individuals, groups, teams and companies with injury prevention.  If there's something you're interested in that you don't see listed here, please contact us and ask; we are always happy to tailor our programs to fit your needs.  

PHYSIO I and II YOGA Classes promoting  strength and flexibility
                 PHYSIO I YOGA Tuesday 6:45 PM and Fridays 7:30AM
                 PHYSIO II YOGA Wednesdays at 8:45AM


Ergonomics Seminars addressing Repetitive Strain Injury Risks in the workplace

Ergonomics consulting for Your Business addressing office space planning, furniture selection, workstation products, techniques and work habits

Office Chair Fitting

PHYSIO YOGA Classes offered in the workplace promoting injury prevention


Runner's Evaluation and Injury Prevention Analysis 

ALINE Customized Insole Fittings

Injury Prevention (sport-specific) Flexibility and Strength Assessment

Conditioning Programs for youth and mature athletes

​Sports Enhancement and Personal Training Services for youth and mature athletes in both private and group settings

PHYSIO I and II YOGA Classes promoting sport specific strength, flexibility and injury prevention
                 INTRO TO PHYSIO I YOGA Tuesday 6:45PM and Fridays 7:30AM
                 PHYSIO II YOGA Wednesdays at 8:45AM


Unfortunately, injuries can't always be avoided, nor can many surgeries.  With our help, however, recovery periods can be shortened, pain alleviated and the risk of future injury and pain significantly reduced.  Physical therapy has been proven to improve mobility, reduce pain without medication in many cases and sometimes even help avoid surgery.  

Your treatment will focus on hands on therapy, including soft tissue, joint mobilization and manual strengthening.  Treatments will also include a powerful education component, teaching proper body mechanics, postural awareness and exercises for home.

If there's something you need that you don't see listed below, please contact us and ask; we are always happy to tailor our programs to fit your needs.

Physical Therapy Evaluation, Plan and Treatment

Maitland Based Joint Mobilization

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Manual Strengthening

Corrective Therapeutic Exercise

Dry Needling

Rock Tape/Kinesiology Taping


Electrical Stimulation

​Some of the conditions treated by our physical therapist include:


Whether you're looking to win a national tennis tournament, go mountain climbing or just play rough, we can help you meet your goals, by training you how to safely achieve the next level of physical success.

These services are typically offered in a private setting, but are also immensely helpful for teams of athletes.  Please let us know if you have a team, of either youth or mature athletes, who would benefit from these services in a group setting.  These services are strengthened by combining with our Injury Prevention services (see above).

Sport Specific Flexibility and Strength Assessment

​ALINE Customized Insole Fittings

Runner's Evaluation and Injury Prevention Analysis

​ALINE Customized Insole Fittings

"Back to Sport" 1:1 Training

"Back to Life" 1:1 Training

"Sport Ready" Individual and Small Group Training"

​"Life Ready" Individual and Small Group Training

Rock Tape/Kinesiology Taping

With our direct access certification, an appointment may be scheduled with or without a prescription from your doctor.  Use your flex spending account and/or medical insurance to be reimbursed for all, or a portion, of the cost associated with these services.  To determine your insurance benefits for physical therapy, please contact your insurance company.  

KEL-PT is considered an out-of- network provider.