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"I came to see Karen because I was having hip pain, most noticeably, while playing tennis and running.  At the completion of Karen's initial exam, she realized my hip pain was related to a weakness in my left side.  The focus of each session was on stretching, strengthening and massage.  Karen taught me simple and effective exercises to do between sessions.  In just 3 sessions, I was pain free and back on the court.  Thank you Karen, for your knowledge and expertise!

             MJ Wooldridge.  counselor, tennis player,


Whether you're looking to win in a national tennis tournament, go mountain climbing, or just  play rough, we can help you meet your goals, by training you how to safely achieve the next level of physical success.  Learn more....

"The first time I went to Karen I could barely walk with the pain of my arthritis and the compartment shin splints.  Karen was very knowledgeable and explained how everything in my body relates and designed exercises that helped to strengthen my muscles.  She was always encouraging even if I only made a little progress.  If I got discouraged she would remind me of where I was before.  She also helped me get ready for my total knee replacement.  I know I would not be as far along in my recovery if not for Kren.  Thank you Karen."

             Susan Lunsford,  accountant, quilter

"I've been to see Karen for physical therapy for two different injuries I sustained while playing tennis in the last 3 years.  Both times she was able to quickly diagnose the problem, pinpointing the cause of the pain and eliminating other areas as potential causes.  With her intimate knowledge of how the body works, she was able to get me back to playing tennis pain free in just a few sessions.  Thoroughly impressed and highly recommend. 5 stars!"

             Aurelio Roca, dentist and tennis player

Injury Prevention/Ergonomics

​Your car gets a tune up every so many miles. So should you.  We provide annual flexibility and strength screenings, as well as proper set-up of your workstation to minimize the risk of injury.  Learn more....

"I came to Karen with moderate pain in my right inside elbow, which I felt most acutely when I lifted the heavy back hatch of my car and lifting my grandchildren, but was also feeling weakness and mild pain on the court. I felt that if I didn't pay attention, it could turn into a full-blown injury that would really interfere with my 2-3 times weekly tennis.  
After a thoughtful and skillful assessment, Karen employed a variety of treatment modalities to rehab my elbow --  deep tissue manipulation, ultrasound, mobilizations, taping -- as well as giving me simple stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home.  
After 5 or 6 weeks, I was pain-free and ready for strengthening and conditioning. I am currently working with Karen on a more limited basis as a training coach to keep me on track in my conditioning program and to help ward off any future injuries.  I actually feel my tennis has improved because I am now stronger!
A few words of praise for Karen Longe.  Karen is an outstanding PT -- highly skilled, intelligent, creative, confident, personable, always encouraging.  I can't recommend her more highly."

             Barbara B..,  tennis player


Physical  Therapy

Enhance Your Motion


Physical Therapy

​Your treatment will focus on hands on therapy, including soft tissue, joint mobilization and manual strengthening.  Treatments also include a powerful educational component, teaching proper body mechanics, postural awareness and exercises for home.  Learn more...


Be "sport-and life-ready" with 1:1 training or small group classes.

"I suffered for over 4 months with an extremely painful shoulder injury. I tried conventional medicine, acupuncture, a cortisone shot and nothing gave me relief. After just 4 sessions of physical therapy with you, Karen, I have complete mobility and full recovery. If ever there is a next time (which I hope there is not), I will start with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

             Ken Shoemaker, golfer

Ergonomics Consult:

On-site or virtual assessment of your work space.


"I can't say enough about KEL Physical Therapy.  Karen rehabilitated me through a painful knee and thigh strain as a result

of a combination volleyball and tennis injury.  Her techniques were spot-on and brought me quick relief even after my first session.  Soon after taking me through specific exercise rehab, I was back on both courts and stronger than ever!  I highly recommend KEL Physical Therapy"

             Lynn S., volleyball and tennis player

"After somehow dodging it my whole life, tennis elbow recently attacked and showed me how debilitating it can be.  I’m not sure exactly what caused it, but once it set in, I couldn’t grip anything without pain, let alone play tennis.  After unsuccessfully trying a few “Google” remedies, I booked an appointment with Karen.  Over the span of several weeks, her drug-free and all-natural therapy and exercises have me back playing pain-free.  I look forward to her training to prevent it from recurring.”  

             Alan Batchelder – executive, tennis player

"Thanks for the miracle work on Soleil's ankle.  Her performance as Prince Chup Leak in the dance Roeung Ream Leak Chup Leak  (an excerpt from the Ramayana) was an unqualified success with no sign of her ankle earlier sprain just 4 weeks before.  In one of the scenes, Soleil is "riding" the wild steed she has captured form the monkey king Hanuman.  I am sure this wouldn't have been possible without your help!"

             Pamela B.  mother and exercise enthusiast

"Karen Longe provided excellent therapy on my shoulder.  In the beginning I had very limited movement of my right shoulder.  I was having difficulty putting my arm into a sleeve, reaching up into cabinets, styling my hair, sleeping, etc.  After only a couple of visits with Karen I could see improvement.  When I started my treatment with her I only had about 40% to 50% range of motion.  I had 10 one hour visits with Karen and ended up with 90% to 95% range of motion and no pain.  I highly recommend Karen Longe for shoulder therapy and would not hesitate scheduling with her again, if needed.  Thank You, Karen

             Debbie Elam. mother, administrative senior

"I was so happy to find Karen when I aggravated an old shoulder injury.  I lost strength and mobility along with waking up with pain that radiated from shoulder to wrist and fingers.  As a yoga practitioner, I was not able to do the poses requiring strength and range of motion of my shoulder.  I had IMMEDIATE relief after my first visit with Karen!  Her hands on therapy and exercises put me on an immediate path to regaining the health of my shoulder.  I am back practicing my regular sequences and have regained range of motion and strength in the injured shoulder.  What sets Karen apart from other physical therapists is her extensive knowledge of our anatomy, the time she spends with her hands on therapy and then making sure you are continuing with the correct exercises that she recommends you do at home.  

             Dana Boltersdorf, yoga practitioner and personal chef  

"I play competitive tennis and take many precautions to ensure my body is in good health.  I was still experiencing sharp pains in my ankle.  The pain would appear every few weeks and really prohibit my movement on (and off) the court.  I went to Karen, who immediately clearly explained (in terms I could understand), what was wrong and exactly how she would work with me to fix it.  Two weeks later, I was back on the court comfortably playing competitive matches.  Even standing 6-8 hours a day on the court coaching was much more comfortable.  I thank Karen for helping jump start my recovery!!!  

             Patrick Rowzie, tennis professional  

"I initially injured my back while performing housework.  I attended 2 kickboxing classes before my back pain got so bad that I couldn't bend over enough to put on my socks and shoes.  I am a physical therapist and attempted some "self treatment" but knew that if I wanted to get better faster and return to kickboxing I would need an assessment and hands on therapy by a skilled therapist.  Karen worked me in quickly and I noticed a considerable difference in my pain level after the first treatment session.  I ended up going to a total of 3 sessions, performed a home exercise program and was essentially pain free after that.  After several more weeks of doing my exercises and allowing the inflammation in my back to subside, I was able to return to kickboxing.  I am now able to attend the classes pain free and I thank karen for that!  From one PHYSICAL THERAPIST to ANOTHER, I would recommend Karen!"

             Sanya Trask, physical therapist and kick boxer

1:1 Therapy Services:

Work directly with the physical therapist  for the full duration of your treatment.



Physician referrals are welcome, but not necessary at KEL-PT.  Everyone is equally eligible to access our services, which include:    

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